Are you looking to contribute with a guest post or write to us, then Knowlegist9 will love to welcome you! Yes, we accept writing articles for guests, publications sponsored with the following topics and guidelines mentioned below. Make sure that, before submitting your articles, follow our guidelines.


we charge USD $10 per guest post.

PayPal account id –  [email protected]

Topics to write about any of category

1) Information Technology – Computer Hardware & Networking, Windows or any other IT related

2) Medical Science – Brain, heart any part of body function, disease, Health topics

3) General Science – All science topics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, Bio any other Science topics

4) Sports – All topics related to sports, news, Sports Rules, sports stories, player life stories, and their lifestyles.

5) Lifestyle – All topics related to daily life routine and living such as new thinks which can easy life. How this or How to that.



Keep the images in high quality!

Image not less than 500px and no more than 600px width and height.

feature image must be uploaded.

The image should not be copy write of any other blog.

Use this method exempt from copy write image – you can search image on google and click on setting and select advanced search and choose usage rights option and select free to use, Share or modify, even commercially.



Guest post  article content policy

If you plan to submit articles, make sure they have a minimum of more than 500 words with detailed Introduction, the body of the message and a conclusion. Your website should not blacklists from any search engine

1)  Pick any keyword.

2) The paragraph should not be longer than 150 words.

3) Use subheading after 300 hundred words.

4)  Always use a shorter and simple sentence.

5)  Select any category which is related to your blog.

6)  Readability should be good.

Before submitting an article for review check your content in free plagiarism checker tools Small SEO

Our system will detect copy write content If we find copy write content we will delete your post or permanently ban for the future guest post.



Guidelines for the invited blogger

The article should not be a copy of any site and should be unique (never published anywhere), should not be published before and after any website. If a duplicate article is found on the Internet, the published article will be deleted without any notification.
We do not accept articles as essays and without meaning.
The article must be related to the categories of topics mentioned above.
The article should be useful advice/information/ resource for users.

Try to avoid the duplicate title we have already published.
The information and links of ‘Author Bio’ will not be changed in the future, once it has been published.



Guest post benefit

you can give do follow backlinks to your personal blog.

Make sure you are allowed only 5 backlinks per post.

your backlinks should be related to your topic.


How to submit guest posts

you can submit your article by email us.

you can send your bio data (your name, your article or topics details, which you want to write for us)  by email to the editor. [email protected] 


if you have any problems or you want to make paid do follow backlinks without guest posting for any website please you can contact  by email –  [email protected]