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Refining masculinity is a topic a lot of people are talking about these days. What is the essence of a man in a world drenched with generous drips of vanity? Where does one draw the line between loving yourself and keeping up with the trend?


When it comes to skin, men have the same problems as most women do. They are also prone to dry skin, oily T zones, blackheads, and other impurities most people are exposed to daily. The difference is that the general state of mind among men when responding to anything related to beauty is either to shrug the issue off, thinking it will eventually die a natural death or to treat it like a dirty secret.


Always Hydrate

Radiance has a lot to do with moisture. The first thing you need to do when you wake up in the morning is to wash your face with water. This naturally eliminates the impurities that you may have gotten during the day or those that may have snuck in while you’re sleeping. But more than that, it helps draw out the natural oil from your skin. This oil has its own set of moisturizing properties that help in keeping your skin looking plump and glowing.


When you’re just about ready to seize the day, pack a moisturizer with you that you can use. Men do away with moisturizers as they leave a greasy residue. But know that the moisturizers can do a lot of good even if you have oily skin. You can choose products that have a matte finish and less grease.


You can also opt for reliable men’s body lotion, which can relieve dry skin as you go about your day. Choose the nongreasy type that not only hydrates but also can protect your skin. You can also add a toner to your routine to help rebalance the pH scale of your skin.



Use Sunscreen

Proper protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun is crucial for young-looking skin. If you are serious about achieving better skin health, then you should also take in sun protection the same way. Choose a sunscreen that has a high SPF formula.


Though the sun provides nourishment for all kinds of living beings, it is not your friend when it comes to your skin. Being under the sun for too long can take a toll on its health. It can burn through and even accelerate aging.


Learn to Exfoliate

With the kind of environment, your skin is exposed to every day, there’s no escape from pollutants and other harmful elements. Washing your face before going to bed can definitely help. But at times you may have to do more to maintain Skincare routine.


The skin produces cells different times of the day. Dead skin around your face or any other part of your body can cause itchiness and often lead to discomfort. To get rid of dead skin, you must learn how to exfoliate.


Exfoliating is easy enough when you know what works best for your skin type. Exfoliants can help cast off dead skin and other kinds of gunk that may be sitting on top of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, meaning you’re prone to having allergies or other types of skin disorders, it’s essential that you consult a skin specialist before trying a new exfoliant. Also, you’ll know your skin is not comfortable with the product when you start noticing subtle reactions like rashes or slight itchiness.



Eat and Sleep Better

All your efforts at Skincare routine will go down the drain if you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and sufficient rest are just as crucial as any routine you may have. They are both integral parts of skincare and should be valued the same way. Heaps of sleep can not only benefit your skin but also improve your overall health.



Bottom Line


Men don’t generally air out breakout problems to lovers or even to close friends. But these days, what used to be closeted skin-care tendencies are slowly coming out.


This is because people are experiencing a recalibration of wants and needs. You can say social media channels, the “sharing” currency, have some degree of influence in this gradual change of stance in needs and wants. Just because beauty products are associated with women, it doesn’t mean that men can’t take care of their skin. People are becoming more accepting and more understanding when it comes to taking care of your own body and skin.


If you are one of the many out there who swear by skincare but are still having trouble coming out with your problems, or if you know you want to take better care of your skin but just don’t know where to start, here’s a quick guide for you to have your own routine for a smooth and glowing skin essence.