There have been many great basketball players who have played in the NBA, however, there have been a few selected who have generally influenced their clubs in such a way that they have retired there. All the players on this list have won an NBA championship and are some of the best players in history, some of these players have also been great single-man clubs.



10) Julius Erving

Philadelphia 76ers (6)

Brooklyn Networks (32)

Julius Erving is a great basketball player of all time who played in the ABA and then in the cape, he played in the NBA. He Erving’s exciting athletic game style earned him the nickname of Doctor J as he would with Great Blocks and Great Dunks. Julius Erving is an 11-time NBA star who also won an NBA championship and won an NBA MVP. Julius Erving has the 32nd jersey retired by the Brooklyn Nets and he has the 6th jersey retired by the Philadelphia 76ers



9) Shaquille O’Neal

Lakers (34)

Miami Heat (32)

You can say that Shaquille O’Neal is the best center of all games in the history of the NBA. There are few players who can say they were once so dominant because with their size and strength nobody can protect them. Shaquille O’Neal is 4-time NBA champion, has three final MVPs, 15 stellar stars and has the number 34 jersey retired from the Los Angeles Lakers.



8) Wilt Chamberlain

Warriors of the Golden State (13)

Lakers (13)

Philadelphia 76ers (13)

Wilt Chamberlain is probably the most physically gifted player that the NBA has seen and when you see his statistics, it seems that NBA 2K statistics, however, Wilt’s problem was the fact that the Boston Celtics were at their best. Wilt would often lose to the Bill Russell Celtics, but win two NBA championships. He also won four MVPs, but the highlight of his career was the one hundred point game against New York Knicks. He has the jersey number 13 retired by three teams that are the Golden State Warriors, La Lakers, and the Philadelphia 76ers.



7) Tim Duncan

San Antonio Spurs (21)

Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs are often seen as boring since they are fundamentally solid and when you see Duncan and the Spurs play, you really don’t see handles or flashy mates. His game is based on being fundamentally solid, which is why the San Antonio Spurs were so successful. Tim Duncan is a five-time NBA champion and also fifteen-star stars. He has the number 21 shirt that is retired by the San Antonio Spurs.



6) Bill Russell

Boston Celtics (6)

Bill Russell is the biggest winner in the history of the game of basketball, the man has more rings than fingers since he has eleven NBA championships. Bill Russell is probably the best defensive player who has ever played basketball. His duels with Wilt Chamberlain are legendary. Bill Russell has shirt number 6 retired by the Boston Celtics.



5) Larry Bird

Boston Celtics (33)

Larry Bird is one of the best players he has ever played in the NBA and had bad luck with some of the injuries he suffered later in his career, which prevented the Boston Celtics from winning more NBA championships. Larry Bird is one of the best shooters in the game and when you mix it with his great intelligence and clutch game. He is a three-time NBA champion and won the NBA MVP three times in a row and has the 33rd jersey retired by the Boston Celtics.



4) Magic Johnson

Lakers (32)

Magic Johnson is that many people are the best Guard in history and they are also considered the best pin of all time. Magic Johnson’s rivalry with Larry Bird helped a lot to improve the league. He is a five-time NBA champion, also a three-time NBA MVP winner and a twelve-time star. Magic Johnson has the 32nd jersey retired by the Los Angeles Lakers.


3) Kobe Bryant

Lakers (8)
Lakers (24)

Kobe Bryant’s game is probably the closest to Michael Jordan than anyone else to play the game. Kobe Bryant’s style of play is aesthetically pleasing to basketball fans around the world and, like Michael Jordan, he has a clutch mentality that has made him one of the best scorers in the NBA. He was recruited by the Los Angeles Lakers. He spent his entire career with the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is five-time NBA champion, eighteen NBA stars and won the NBA MVP in 2008. Kobe Bryant has the number 24 jersey retired.



2) Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Lakers (33)
Milwaukee Bucks (33)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is known for his hook-shot and the reason why his hook-shot was so developed was due to the fact that at the university playing for UCLA, the NCAA banned math for the moment, which means that He had to develop his delicacy. Kareem has won the NBA championship six times, he is also six times the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, as well as a nineteen-time att-star who has the 33rd jersey retired by the Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks.



1) Michael Jordan

Chicago Bulls (23)
Miami Heat (23)

Widely seen as the best basketball player of all time and one of the best athletes of all time. The third player behind Sam Bowie and Hakeem Olajuwon his time with the Chicago Bulls gave the NBA one of the best basketball dynasties in the 1990s.


Michael Jordan’s playing style was very exciting as he killed the defenses with his athleticism, his middle range, and his cruelty. He won six championships, six MVP finals, five MVPs, ten times more, and these are some of his career achievements. Michael Jordan has the jersey number 23 retired. He also has a jersey number removed with the Miami Heat. Although he never played a game for them, this was done by Pat Riley as a tribute to his career.