1. The metatarsals are part of the middle bone of the foot and have a tubular shape. They are called digits and start from the middle outside. The middle side is the same side as the big toe.



Metatarsals function

They know as the first metatarsus, the second metatarsus, the third metatarsus, the fourth metatarsus, and the fifth metatarsus. The first metatarsus is the strongest of the group.


These bones are between the fingertips and the tarsal bones. The base of each bone moves with at least one of the tarsal bones in which the tarsometatarsal pond is located. The metatarsal bones connect to the bones of the fingers or phalanges, on the ankle of the finger or the metatarsophalangeal joint.


Metatarsals function



The metatarsus has a convex shape (arch up), they are long bones and give the foot a bow. They work with connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons to ensure the movement of the foot.



Metatarsals Structure

The five metatarsals are dorsal convex long bones consisting of the body because of the base (proximal) and the head (distal).  The body has the shape of a prism, narrows gradually from the tarsus to the phalanx and curve longitudinally so that it is concave below, slightly convex above.


Metatarsals function


The hind limb or the base like as wedge-shape articulates proximal to the tarsal bones, and on the sides with adjacent metatarsal bones: its dorsal and plantar surfaces are rough to attach the ligaments. The head or distal limb has a convex articular surface, oblong from the top down and extending further below than above.


Its sides are flattened, and each of them has depression, crowned with tuberculosis, and ligamental ligature. Its plantar surface groove in the backward direction for the passage of flexor tendons and marked on both sides by a continuous joint with the final joint surface.


During growth, the growth plates place distally on the metatarsus, with the exception of the first metatarsal bone, where it is proximal. However, it is quite common to have an additional growth plate on the distal first metatarsus.