change gmail password

change gmail password

In addition to the fact that you do not know the password, there are still circumstances in which you want to change Gmail password for various reasons. Just follow these steps.                                                 […]

origin broadband router settings

origin broadband router settings

1. Find the router’s IP address origin broadband router settings   The IP address is a sequence of numbers – is common – it identifies your connection. To change its settings, you need to know what the router’s IP address is. There are many ways to find this.   Check the back of the router. […]

how to add printer to mac

How to add printer to mac

Read the article to learn how to add a printer to your Mac. You’re in the right place. Install the printer on your Mac or laptop in these easy steps. You need to perform the given blows to install a Mac printer on your computer. You may want to install the printer using a cable, […]

router settings bt

router settings bt

How can I set or change the administrator password in my BT Hub Here you will find help on how to set up an administrator password for your Hub Manager or how to change or reset the administrator password for your BT Hub. The first time you open the Panel Manager, you will be prompted […]

components of computer system and its function

Components of computer system and its function

  The main components of the computer system and its function are Processor Main memory Additional memory Input devices Output devices, the processor, auxiliary memory, power supply, and auxiliary equipment. Many components are connected to the main computer board, called the motherboard.     The power supply provides power for most components. Various input devices […]

capacitor uses

Capacitor uses and Major function of the Capactior

Capacitors are used in almost all electronic products in various ways. At the simplest level, they are loaded with electricity and then they release the whole current at once. This may not seem particularly impressive, but its loading and unloading work with the camera’s flash and tuning knob on your radio, which prevents the speakers […]

what is computer network and network categories

what is computer network and network categories

In today’s Internet, world Networking plays an important role in the various successes of the organization, creating a network environment and device connectivity. Because there are many devices that help you connect your computer to another computer, such as a router, hub, switch, and more.   The network is divided into two types: a wired […]

difference between ram and hard disk memory

difference between ram and rom

There is one major difference between ram and rom. ROM can store data without power, and RAM does not. Basically, the ROM is designed for permanent storage, and RAM is for temporary storage.   Alternative explanation The ROM system is a non-volatile storage medium because ROM does not require a permanent power source to store information […]

north bridge in computer

North bridge in computer understanding step bye steps

The north bridge in the computer is an integrated circuit on the core chipset architecture. Unlike the Southbridge, the Northbridge is directly connected to the processor with the FSB (front-side bus). Therefore responsible for tasks requiring the highest performance. The northbridge is usually paired with a southbridge, also known as an I / O controller […]

essay of information technology

Essay of information technology Easy Understanding

Information technology is defined as the technology used to acquire, store, process and organize data for “useful information” that can now be used for data processing and specific applications. In this article, we will analyze the definition of the term “information technology”, the history of IT, its importance, advantages, and disadvantages resulting from the use […]