Read the article to learn how to add a printer to your Mac. You’re in the right place. Install the printer on your Mac or laptop in these easy steps. You need to perform the given blows to install a Mac printer on your computer. You may want to install the printer using a cable, via an IP address, or you may want to add a network printer.


All types of printers can be added to a Mac, as long as they are compatible with the Mac OS. Most modern printers are compatible with Mac OS. However, if your printer does not have drivers for your computer, you can download the drivers from the printer’s website.

using a USB cable Mac printer


It’s very easy to install the printer on a Mac with a USB cable. Most printer drivers will recognize Mac OS. Drivers are often compatible with different versions of Mac OS. If your mac is out of date, you may have to download the updated driver for your operating system.


These drivers can be found on the website of relevant printers. When you use a printer with a USB cable, you must install the printer and add the printer to your Mac. You do not need to learn how to add a printer to your Mac. Just connect the cable to any USB port on your Mac. You can connect the cable before starting your Mac or when your Mac is already on. Just plug in the cable and you’re ready to go.


The Mac will automatically install the printer. Printer drivers will help in this process. If you need help or encounter any problems with the installation, you can call the technical support number for the printer at 1877-231-7587.


Network printers How to add a printer to your Mac on the network

If you use a wifi printer, it is connected to a Mac computer with the following process. You can identify the printer on the network with a wireless Mac card. You must use a wireless printer as a network printer.


First of all, make sure your wireless printer is connected to your network. If it is not, first connect the printer to the wireless network. When the printer is discoverable by a System, follow the steps below to learn how to add the printer to your Mac


1. Take the mouse to the bottom left of the desktop. 2. Click the “system preferences” icon in the menu bar.
3. Go to the second row of icons from the window that opens
4. Now click on Printers and Scanners from this window

In the new window that opens, you’ll see the padlock icon. This icon should be in the lower left pane. This means that you must provide an administrator password to proceed. Click the icon and enter the username and password in the window that opens. The padlock icon from the previous window should now open. Now follow these steps


Look for a plus (+) Log in to the window and Click on this sign. A new list of printers available on the network will appear. Click Printer name that you want to connect to the system. Wait for the system to add the printer to the system
Now you are good to go. Network printer added to the computer.
install the printer

 add a printer  with an IP address option

If you want to connect the printer using an IP address, this option is also available on the Mac OS. Just follow the steps below and then connect the printer to a Mac with an IP address

After clicking on the plus sign (+) from the above guide. You have to click on the IP tab from the window that will open. Now enter the IP address from the printer in the IP address field. Then select the queue from the menu (on the printer)

You must also select the protocol that is also printed on the printer
You can also get technical support for the printer to find this information
Enter the printer name  and Select the location for the printer configuration
Select the driver from the printer drop-down menu Now click the Add button from the bottom right corner of the window.