Helium is one of the most common and lightest elements in the universe. It is called a noble gas because it does not chemically interact with the elements, and in the natural state, helium has no smell, taste or color.


Did you know that the boiling point of helium is closer to the absolute zero than in any other element? This means that liquid helium can provide the lowest operating temperatures of any refrigerant. Read below for helium uses.



Helium uses

Helium uses in the medical industry to observe the breath. It is necessary to treat ailments such as asthma, emphysema and other conditions that affect breathing.


Helium scans are used to scan an MRI when the element is set to -269 C, it becomes usable when cooling the MRI magnet. Gas is usually used to treat diseases that affect the lungs, showing how important it is.

Helium components have acute and chronic forms of healing airways. In many cases, helium uses, making the connection reach the lungs much faster. Helium in various forms and combinations is used in medical instruments and nuclear medicine.



Large Hadron Collider

Science has innumerable uses for helium, but this is the largest. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is based on huge amounts of superfluid helium in order to operate.


In a three-step process that lasts for several weeks, almost 100 tons of helium is cooled down to -456.34 ° F (colder than in space), so giant magnets that the LHC uses help shoot particles around a 17-mile loop do not overheat a. No helium, no divine particle!



Welding and magnets production

Helium is used to cool the superconducting magnets that are required during their operation. Welding companies also rely on providing protection.


This gas is used in the same way for the production of titanium, zirconium, germanium, and silicon. It is used not only for medical purposes but also in the welding industry, showing the diversity of this gas!

helium uses
helium uses


Where can you find Helium uses?

Helium is used in ample of objects – here you can find helium.


Have you ever wondered why the balloons are trying to float away? This is due to the presence of helium in the middle, and because it is a lightweight element, he tries to lift the balloon.


 Helium uses in the sun. If you looked at everything in the sun, you would see that the sun is a big ball of gas and you will discover large amounts of helium.



Helium uses in lasers due to the element’s non-reactivity. Even at really high temperatures, helium will not bind to other elements.


Compressed air tanks

 When you see a SCUBA diver in the water, they have helium in the air tank. Divers combine helium and ordinary air in these tanks at very high pressures. Going deeper into the water, helium helps them to breathe.


 Apollo 13

  Actually, all the space shuttle missions. Liquid hydrogen and oxygen are used for rocket fuel, but helium is needed to clean the fuel tanks after they have been emptied.


Because helium is inert, it does not react and does not burn with residual oxygen that may remain in the tank. It will also not freeze in pipes, as with other liquids, if they were used to clean tanks.



SCUBA divers do not go underwater with oxygen on their backs. To create an artificial atmosphere for a diver, this “oxygen tank” is actually a mixture of 80% helium and 20% oxygen. The insertion of helium in a high-pressure atmosphere makes it easier for the diver to breathe in the air.