Being a fantasy league manager in football is not easy in 2018. There are players in your league who either take it too seriously or are not serious enough, and you have to look after them all. It’s an ungrateful job. And do not let us start collecting rewards from all participants (if this happens in your league). But one thing that can be simple is to choose a fun, cool, smart or just a great football league name.

To help you, we’ve prepared our favorite fantasy league names for 2018. Below. Here are not magnificence in a special order:

Fantasy Football League names

The largest program on paper

The league of ordinary gentlemen

12 Angry Men

Madden Curse

The Motley Crew

If at the beginning you do not succeed, play Fantasy

If you are not FIRST; you are LAST League

Betrayed head and shoulders

Fantasy Football Factory (FFF)

Show me the money

I am surrounded by idiots

Too weak to play golf

There can be only one

Fam Bam!

Smackmouth Smackdown

Come on!


Fantasy League of Advanced Sports Historians (FLASH)

Dirty Dozen

The Boldin the Beautiful

Weekend at Hernie’s

12 Men Out

Fantasy fanatics

Fantasy Field of Dreams

Our boss thinks we’re working

Belichick Film School


In Memory of Tebowing

Fantasy League below average

There can be only one

Names of Fantasy Football League Memeo Punt Intended

League of Champions

Gramiron Guru only!


Sunday Funday

Justice League

Bragging Rights League

Dirty Dozen

Weekend warriors

Lombardi would be proud

10 geniuses and 2 idiots

The road to glory

From coast to coast

Goodfellas and Bad Girls

Darwin’s theory

Extraordinary suspects

The longest yard

Show us your destroyers

Easy money

LIFO – Last In First Out

Average number of Joys

11 Amateurs and 1 Pro

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner League

Our own league

Somewhere Bill Walsh is Crying League

Low expectations league

Football League seat (AFL)

League of Misfits

Stumblin “, Bumblin” and Fumblin ”

Legends in your own minds

Last Man Standing League

12 entries; 1 leaves

Fantasy football League. Name MemeLeague of League

Way Cool League

Flaunt and Taunt League

Game in the Keeps league

Fleur de League

A 2-minute drill

League of Nations

Dunces Federation

For the love of the game

The Showdown

Pork pigs

Legion of the Holocaust

King of Kings League

Bring it

Be thirsty league of my friends


Flapping with necks and cash controls

They are the ones for which we thought they were

Call of Duty

Forecasts for pig skin

A statement in the basement

Dana on Sunday

Lombard Tudor League

E-lemon-ator League

Our own league

Without courage, there is no glory

Fantasy Football League Name memeBlood, Sweat and Beers

The league of unusual suckers

Everything in the family

Best of the Rest

Football Junkies

Game in inches

Frozen Tundra League

Are you ready for a football league?

Frantic Football Freaks


Gridiron Awesome

The League is not playing

We need some time away from our family

Very stable geniuses