In addition to the fact that you do not know the password, there are still circumstances in which you want to change Gmail password for various reasons. Just follow these steps.



Step 1

Make assure your Android device is linked to the Internet. Next, get access to After logging in to your account (or maybe you have already done so), scroll down, find the login and security option and select it.



Step 2

Find the Password option on the list. Tap to go to another screen. On the menu, enter the new password you want to replace, confirm it, and then click Change password.


Currently, with devices running Windows or Apple, Android devices are starting their position as one of the most popular, reliable and efficient brands of technical equipment.


As a result, the use of Android as an operating system for both personal and portable computers is becoming an extremely hot trend. Android devices are proud to provide their clients with the best possible features.

They not only support offline functions but also Android devices can offer users many online services.



part 2: how to reset or change Gmail password

One of them is the ability to use Gmail – now a very well-known mail site. Using Gmail directly through the Android tool is a huge advantage, but it still has some small flaws that users may require.


According to a recent survey, most Android users wondered if they could reset their Gmail password on Android devices. Fortunately for you, this game is absolutely possible. In this article, you will get a very detailed and detailed description that will help you solve the problem of resetting your Gmail password.


There will be times when you will not know what your Gmail password is or simply forget about it. You really want to change your password, but you do not have access to a computer or laptop to do the job. Now thanks to Android you can do it using your own Android devices.



Step 1

Visit the Gmail login page on your Android device. Click the “Help” line that is highlighted in blue.



Step 2

After going to the Google account recovery page. There will be three main options that indicate three common problems. Choose the first one, titled “I do not know my password”.


After selecting the address, you will have to enter your Gmail address in the displayed bar. Click ‘Continue’ if you have completed all of these tasks.



Step 3

In this step, you may be asked to fill out the CAPTCHA form. Just do it and go to the next page. There, it’s better to enter the last password that you can still call if possible, then click Continue to move. You can also skip this step by clicking the Do not know button.



Step 4

Finally, you’ll see a list of reset or change Gmail password options on Android devices. You can use an alternate email address or phone number to get a verification code. Remember to fill in the required information and put a check in the CAPTCHA field to submit this process.



Step 5

An empty bar will appear in this step and will ask you to enter the verification code. Just do it carefully to make sure there are no errors. When you do this, a new screen will appear.



Step 6

After completing all the previous steps, you’ll know that you can reset or change Gmail password directly on your Android device.



Part 3: Bonus tips reset or change Gmail password is undoubtedly a great tool for using on Android devices

but have you really understood all the tips and tricks to get the most out of it? Below are the 5 most useful tips we want to offer you.

Far from imagination Gmail on Android devices allows you to use several accounts at once, even if it’s not a Gmail account. This performance not only helps you organize work better but also increases work efficiency.


Just log in to your Gmail account in the Gmail app, click the down arrow next to your avatar and your name, and then select Add account.




You will be taken to a different site, select Personal (IMAP / POP) and follow the detailed guide on the screen. If your Android device is used by only one user and you are guaranteed its security, try to keep logging in to Gmail.


This will help you avoid wasting unnecessary time logging in to your account every time you need it, and do not mention that it prevents you from confusing it with your account/password unaware.


After carefully reviewing the features of the Gmail application on Android devices, you can sort your messages with a certain level of accuracy.


Just click on the e-mail address, then select the Settings menu and mark it as “Mark as unimportant”, “Mark as important” or “Report for spam” due to the priority of the e-mail.


The Gmail application provided you with the ability to make internet calls, and when you receive a message, you’ll hear a sound.

All you have to do is enter the conversation, select the three dots icon, and then click Mute on the menu. Increase search speed and accuracy with specific phrases.


Let’s take an instance to see what Gmail can do for you in this case. If you want to search for messages sent by a specific person, enter the following in the search bar: (name of the person in Gmail).

If you want to find a private message from this person, enter: chat: (name of the person in Gmail).