The Billiards also knew as the Russian Billiards. It is a popular game in Great Britain, especially in the south of England and the Channel Islands.

The game is derived from the “billard Russe” game in Russia, which was played in Belgium by an English gentleman named David Gill, who then moved the game to Britain in the 1930s.


 Playing on a table reminiscent of an ordinary billiard table, but different in that instead of pockets, holes are sunk in the table.

The rules and administration of the game are supervised by the All England Bar Billiards association, which consists of many county associations, including Kent, Norfolk, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, and Buckinghamshire. Read on more about Billiards Rules.



Billiards Rules

The start of the game at Bar Billiards is delayed until the coin is rolled to decide which player starts the game.

The player who has been selected to takes a white or red ball from the trough at the end of the table, places it in the D field, and then hits the ball to hit the next ball, which causes one of the balls to fall into the hole and score.


Billiards Rules

If the player makes a bulleted shot, he is entitled to the next hit and stay at the table until he makes a penalty or a foul.


The opposition player then performs his turn at the table, choosing a white or red ball to hit, to try to hit the ball, as a result of which one of them descends and scores. This player will remain at the table until he makes a shot that will score or make a foul.


Players then continue to spin at the table, earning points until the timer runs out, and the Bar Billiards table will stop working. The player with the best score at the end of the game is declared the winner.



Objets of the game

The goal of the game is simply to defeat the opponent by getting more points than by the end of the game.

Because it is a game that is almost exclusively played in pubs, many people play it the same for the social and entertainment aspect of the game as well as the serious aspect of competition.



Players and equipment

The Billiards Bar is played on a table that closely resembles a small pool table and measures 56 x 33.5 cm. Unlike an ordinary billiard table, which has six pockets around the edge.


The billiard table Bar does not have such pockets, and instead, there are holes in the table. 5 at one end of the table in a row and four at the rhombus pattern on the other half of the table.


The holes have different point values if the ball is placed in them in the range from 10 to 200, and when the ball is embedded in them, it rolls into the trough at the end of the table. Balls used in Bar Billiards are similar to those used in Snooker and Billiards, and there are seven white balls and one red.


Skittles (often looking like mushrooms) are also used on the table and can be arranged in different ways, but the black spine is always in front of a hole worth 200 points. The remaining pins are white and red, and the possible formations are as follows:


1 black skittle and 3 red bowling
black skittle, 2 white, and 1 red
black skittle, 2 white or 2 red

The specific form of the game in the skittle often depends on the place of the game, and different areas in the UK prefer different layouts.