Whether you fancy yourself as LeBron James or Damian Lillard, getting onto the basketball court can help mind and body in ways you’d never anticipate. As anyone who’s played before will know, though, the trick to feeling those benefits is to practice until your arms fall off. 


While there are many local basketball locations, it’s fair to say that this awkward practice stage is best done in the privacy of your home, which means that investing in a basketball hoop is essential. But, buying a hoop isn’t a one-size-fits-all matter. That’s why you might want to consider these top ten basket picks.



#1 The in-ground offset hoop

The in-ground offset hoop is a fixed option with an offset pole for safe and quick rim adjustment. The offset design helps to avoid pinching during adjustments by eliminating grab points. Bear in mind that hoops like these do tend to be top of the price range, with standard choices landing at around $2,000. As such, it might only be worth investing if you know that your basketball love is going to last.



#2 The in-ground straight hoop 

An in-ground straight hoop is a cheaper fixed alternative. Typically around $500 less than offset counterparts, these options are still adjustable from 6’8″ – 10′, they just don’t have the easy-adjust design of an offset. 



#3 – The adjustable wall mount hoop

Wall mounts are fantastic for saving space, and they needn’t even mean compromising on adaptability when you invest in an adjustable wall mount hoop. You can adjust these to suit your play using a hand crank, and then revert to type when you’re finished.



#4 – The fixed wall mount hoop

If you don’t care about adjusting, you could take costs below the $800 mark with a fixed wall mount hoop. These bring all the space-saving benefits of the adjustable option at a fraction of the cost and are ideal for those who starting who want to get a feel for hoop ownership.



#5 – The portable hoop

If you have a small yard, your best bet would be to opt for a portable hoop. These provide the portability you need to get the most from your outside space. Designs here typically cost less than fixed options, with the cheapest offerings as low as $101.99. And, they come complete with folding capabilities which can see them in the garage when you aren’t playing.



#6 – The youth hoop

If you’re a young basketballer, you may want to consider youth hoops. These are ideal because they’re your height without worry, and they’re also often designed with training in mind. As such, you could find that they make you a better player in the end.



#7 – Basketball hoops yard systems

You may even want to invest in a hoops yard system with a little something extra. Systems like these come complete with things like safety nets, which can help to protect your yard landscaping as you practice. These are ideal for those who don’t want to destroy their garden, or who haven’t quite perfected their shots just yet.



#8 – Tempered glass basketball hoops

It’s also worth considering the backboard in the hoop of your choice. NBA professionals play with tempered glass, and you should aim to do the same if you want to perfect your game. That’s because tempered glass has the benefit of a true rebound response, as well as staying scratch and dirt free for a long time to come.



#9 – Breakaway rim hoops

From backboards to rims, you’ll also benefit from looking out for a hoop with a breakaway rim. These are fantastic for practice as they dampen the bounce of your shots. If you’re going to be dunking hoops on the regular, then, these are a must. Even better, options with exposed compression springs are pretty affordable, while those who are willing to splash out could invest in covered springs to get the look they’re after.



#10 – Gel base hoops

Last on the list is the gel base hoop. This is fantastic, as it provides the weight your hoop needs without the cracking and leakage which water-based options can bring. That makes it the ideal choice for year-round practice, and a sure way to get your game in top shape.


In reality, any basketball hoop is better than none, But, as you can see from this list, the best hoops on the market could well see you improving sooner than a budget option from your local store.


Written By:   John Wright