male female connector types

Male & Female Connector Types and their Uses

If there is something more confusing for the uninitiated about the connectors, they are the terms “male and female” assigned to identify the connectors.   However, in engineering, this difference between the male and female connectors can a big mistake in the mechanical design of the equipment. For the process team, it can mean a […]

types of cpu sockets

Types of CPU Sockets(LGA, PGA, BGA)

Upgrading the CPUs in-office computers makes a lot of sense, while CPU technology has advanced a lot, other components live longer before they become obsolete.   The update poses a challenge because microprocessors come in different sizes and configurations of boxes, which require different plugs. If your computer’s motherboard socket cannot accept the form factor […]

Electrical Connector Types

Electrical Connector Types and Their Features

Electrical circuits are made up of a multitude of components, including cables and wires. The electrical connectors are used to join cables and wires.   The connectors have male ends (plugs) and female ends (connectors) that connect to each other forming a permanent connection or, more often, a temporary connection that can be assembled and […]

difference between ram and hard disk memory

difference between Ram, ROM and hard disk memory

 The difference between ram and hard disk memory It often seems confusing, with overlapping terminology, you may not seem to know the difference.  the ram does not allow the storage of personal data.   It reads and writes data and will continue to save memory unless the system turns off. The hard disk is a predictable […]

median formula for grouped data

median formula for grouped data

median formula for grouped data  The idea of grouped data can be illustrated by considering the following raw data set: Table 1: Time taken (in seconds) by a group of students answer a simple math question 20 25 24 33 13 26 8 19 31 11 16 21 17 11 34 14 15 21 18 […]

what is median in math

what is median in math

what is median in math  In the theory of probability and statistics, a median is a number. This number has the property that it divides the set of observed. The values into two equal halves so that half the value is below and half is above.   If there is a finite number of elements, […]

origin broadband router settings

origin broadband router settings

1. Find the router’s IP address origin broadband router settings   The IP address is a sequence of numbers – is common – it identifies your connection. To change its settings, you need to know what the router’s IP address is. There are many ways to find this.   Check the back of the router. […]

router settings bt

router settings bt

How can I set or change the administrator password in my BT Hub Here you will find help on how to set up an administrator password for your Hub Manager or how to change or reset the administrator password for your BT Hub. The first time you open the Panel Manager, you will be prompted […]

capacitor uses

Capacitor uses and Major function of the Capactior

Capacitors are used in almost all electronic products in various ways. At the simplest level, they are loaded with electricity and then they release the whole current at once. This may not seem particularly impressive, but its loading and unloading work with the camera’s flash and tuning knob on your radio, which prevents the speakers […]

what is a diode used for

Diode uses in computer & electronics components

The most popular function of the diode is to allow the electric current to flow in one direction (called diode direction in the forward direction), blocking it in the opposite direction (the reverse direction).     History of Diode The first types of diode uses are valves. They were vacuum tubes. They were in a […]