There is no doubt that Arm Wrestling has been in some form for thousands of years and is popular all over the world. The strength test of one hand on the other consists of two people who are standing at the table or sitting at the table, and then grab each other’s hand, putting their elbows on the table. Their aim is then to clip the opponent’s arm to the surface (or touchpad) of the table. In addition to being a test of strength, many skills are required to be a professional strength wrestler and psychological force. Read on more about arm wrestling rules.


Arm wrestling rules

Each match is assigned to two referees, one on each side, so that officials can see the players and their grip on both sides.

In arm wrestling rules, There is no time limit for the match, but the referee can stop the match if one or both players are convinced they are unable to continue the match.

Players should come to the table, arrange themselves comfortably and then catch the opponent’s hand. The handle should be the palm of the hand with the thumb visible. Players with other hands should grip their respective hand peg.

Players may start the match in the clutches of the referee or on the belt, but both players must agree.
When the referees are satisfied with the grip of both players, the fight will start. Each player should try to pin his opponent’s arm to the touch panel.

The pressure should be on the side to force the opponent’s hand to touch. The back pressure in an attempt to drag the opponent towards the center of the table is prohibited.

In arm wrestling rules, The match wins when one of the players attaches an opponent’s hand to the touchpad. At this point, if the main referee is happy that this is an important pin, they will shout “Stop!” And point the interior immediately raising your hand.


An important pin is when any part of the natural hand fighter touches the touchpad.

Other arm wrestling rules, There are many fouls that can be committed in Arm Wrestling. These include touching parts of one’s body during the match, crossing the arm in the opposition area, lowering the arm below the height of the touch panel, illegible language, abuse or bad sport to name a few.

Two warnings = one foul and two fouls mean disqualification, which means that their opponent immediately wins the match.

arm wrestling rules
arm wrestling rules


 Objets of the game

Objets in arm wrestling rules, The purpose of arm wrestling is to defeat the opponent by pinning the hand to the table’s touchpad. This is done by combining strength and technique. Although arm wrestling is primarily a strength sport, it can be highly psychological, because the players themselves are “rising” to the top mental condition, as well as often try to intimidate their opponents or reject their game. In the World Armwrestling Championships, players, and also try to win their individual duels, try to get points for the national team in the team championship.

Players and equipment

In arm wrestling rules, Since this is a correlation between physical strength and size, competitors compete in weight classification to ensure that matches and competitions are fair. Players are also required to dress properly, wearing T-shirts or sleeveless shirts and sports pants. No jeans can be worn or any support for the hand, elbow or wrist.


In the case of official World Arm Wrestling tournaments, tables should have the following characteristics and be in accordance with the WAF rules. The tables essentially consist of:


Elbow Pads – every player puts his elbow to fight. They are padded to avoid discomfort and prevent injuries.

TouchPads – these are raised pillows on opposite sides of the table, which each of them tries to squeeze in the opponent’s hand.

Hand Pegs – are used by the players to capture during the fight, thanks to which they gain an additional lever.


The type of table used to play in the army varies depending on whether the army’s supplies are to be made standing or sit down.

To take part in a sitting competition, the tabletop should be 28 “from the floor. In case of standing matches, the top should be 40 feet from the floor. All other dimensions are the same, and the table top should be 36” long and 26 “wide.


Other equipment in arm wrestling rules. The legs should be at least 28 “internal legs and at least 18” legs to the leg. Elbow pads should be set 2 “from the edge. Elbow should have 7” x 7 “and 2” thicknesses made of high quality and thick foam. The touchpads should have a height of 10 “by 4”. 


The buckles should be placed halfway up 13 “on the edge of each table. The chairs should be 18” and 18 “adjustable in size. The line should also be placed in the middle of the table to distinguish. The two halves of the table and should be painted or stuck on the table.

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