blood vessels function & Additional features

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

what is h2s

Bone marrow and the immune system

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bio-gas | Homebiogas

where is kidney pain felt

what is switch in networking

difference between ram and rom

capacitor uses and functions of capacitors

capacitor uses

Capacitor uses in almost all electronic products in various ways. At the simplest level, they are loaded with electricity and then they release the whole current at once. This may not seem particularly impressive, but its loading and unloading work with the camera's flash and tuning knob on your radio, which prevents the speakers from exploding.

capacitor uses in timing

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what is median in math

what is median in math

what is median in math  In the theory of probability and statistics, a median is a number. This number has the property that it divides the set of observe

median formula for grouped data

median formula for grouped data

median formula for grouped data  The idea of grouped data can be illustrated by considering the following raw data set:

Table 1: Time taken (in seconds) by a group of

mediastinum function
Mediastinum function & Structure

Lymph nodes (mediastinum) are small round organs of the lymphatic system that support the proper functioning of the

nuclear energy advantages and disadvantages
major nuclear energy facts

Nuclear energy is the energy stored in the atomic nucleus. The enormous energy accumulated in bonds that have atoms can be released in two

Pinna functions
Pinna functions and hearing balance

The earlobe is also known as the earlobe and is most often referred to as the ear. This is the most visible part of the auditory system. <

organ of circulatory system and function
Organ of the circulatory system and function

organ of circulatory system and function  The evolu

Myocardium function
Myocardium function and Stunning myocardial

The myocardium is the thick, middle layer of the heart and is composed of cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle is very unique because it possesse

signs of anxiety in teens
Major signs of anxiety in teens

Real anxiety disorders are permanent and unwanted companions. They disapprove of their victims with pessimistic thoughts and destructive physiological reactions, leaving

neurotransmitters function
neurotransmitters function and their types

A neurotransmitter is a chemical substance produced in the body (endogenous) responsible for a process called synaptic transmission or neur

superior vena cava functions
Superior vena cava functions

The better main vein (SVC) is the better of the two cava veins, the great venous trunks that return oxygen-free blood from the systemic ci

nervous system
nervous system

The nervous system is part of an animal that coordinates its actions by transmitting signals to and from different parts of the body. The n

medulla oblongata function
Medulla oblongata and thier function

The medulla oblongata is in the brainstem, before (before) the cerebellum. It is a conical, neuronal (nerve cell) mass in the back brain th

Intervertebral disc function
Intervertebral disc function & structure, major injures

The intervertebral disc function acts as a shock absorber between each vertebra of the spine, keeping the circles separated when there is a

Methane uses
Methane gas uses

Methane gas comes from the fermentation of organic matter and can also come from the distillation of coal and natural gas. The heat and pre

sore throat and ear pain no fever
sore throat and ear pain no fever

Sore throat may range from irritants to excruciating. You've probably had a sore throat a lot, so you know what to expect. Read on more abo

pain in left forearm
pain in left forearm

The pain in left forearm consists of a radius and elbow bones, which extend the length of the forearm and intersect in the wrist joint. Loc

left side pain above hip
left side pain above hip

left side pain above hip also call pelvis The pelvis (in the plural or pel

get water out of ear
getting water out of ear

Usually, water flows by itself. If not, trapped water can lead to ear infection. This type of ear infection in the external ear canal of th

basal ganglia stroke
basal ganglia stroke

Your brain has many parts that work together to control thoughts, actions, reactions and everything that is happening in your body. Brain b

thyroid hormones functions
thyroid hormones functions and hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland is located in front of the windpipe (windpipe) in your neck. The gland is divided into 2 lobes (right and left) and is co

cytoplasm function
Function of Cytoplasm

In biology, cytoplasmic cells are a material in a living cell, excluding the cell nucleus. It contains cytosol (a gel-like substance encaps

Pneumothorax symptoms
Pneumothorax symptoms & causes and Risk

Pneumothorax (noo-moe-THOR-aks) is a collapsed lung. Pneumothorax occurs when the air leaks into the space between the lung and the chest w